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With us, every animal is the centre of attention!

We go beyond traditional barn monitoring with our innovative solution that uses artificial intelligence to continuously monitor the well-being of your animals. By using advanced deep learning technology and extensive veterinary knowledge, we offer you a unique solution to optimise animal health in animal husbandry. We are currently focusing on poultry and pig farming.

No one knows the animals' needs better than they do!

Animals know best what they need! We rely on the natural instincts and behaviors of animals. They serve as the best sensors to adapt your stable management optimally to their needs. By observing the animals’ behavior and interactions with our camera technology, it is possible to recognize at an early stage whether your animals are comfortable or whether adjustments are necessary, e.g. with regard to feeding, ventilation or lighting in the barn. By understanding the animals’ signals and providing clear explanations and recommendations for your climate and barn management, our system can ensure the well-being of your animals 24/7. The result is healthy animals that reliably pave the way to high-quality food. By optimizing animal housing management and maintaining a high level of animal welfare, we also help minimize the environmental footprint of agriculture and create a sustainable future.
We develop machine learning (AI) based early warning systems based on 2D camera data. In this way, we create both a simplified and more efficient way for farmers to observe animals at any time, as well as an intelligent system that can assess animal behavior. This will provide the earliest possible indication of unusual behavior, disease, pain and other problems in the barn. Our goal is to make it possible to treat such effects at the first moment of occurrence, thus avoiding spreading to other animals, widespread use of medication or cost-effective measures.  

Our solutions

Climate package
  • Reports of various climate parameters by VetVise: Felt temperature in the barn, animal distribution, airflow in the barn.
  • Documentations into the VetVise system
  • Preventive recommendations during the passage
  • Discussion of climate parameters before the next run
Management support
  • Analysis of the following barn management parameters: Stress, herd health, functionality of barn technology.
  • Dead animals (number, positions and duration)
  • Prevention of tail biting
  • Optimization of the lighting program
  • Cold-/Wet-Spots
Detailed consulting
  • All-round carefree package individually tailored
  • Status of stable preparation
  • Exchange with veterinarian in detection and prevention of diseases
  • Preparation of fan and temperature curves
  • Detailed evaluations and assessments

Animal tracking

We can automatically recognize and track animals in hundreds of videos without the need for a cloud. This is the starting point of our behavioral analysis and assistance systems.

Pigs tracking

Poultry tracking

Our Team

VetVise is a unique interdisciplinary startup from veterinary medicine/agriculture, IT and business development

Norman Caspari

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Johannes Schmidt-Mosig

​Co-Founder & Tierarzt

Jakob Wendt

Co-Founder, Head of Development

Dr. Marco Möller

Business Development

Svenia Paul

Nutztier-Expertin Schwerpunkt Geflügel

Sven Götz

Nutztier- Experte Schwerpunkt Schwein

Alissa Sonntag


+ our wonderful Tech-Team

VetVise was founded in the fall of 2020 out of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover. The founding team consists of Jakob Wendt, responsible for data security and technological development, veterinarian Johannes Schmidt-Mosig, who takes care of the human-animal-machine interface, and Norman Caspari, responsible for the business side. 



The three of them started out in the field of telemedicine together with the German Association of Practicing Veterinarians, and then focused on pig and poultry farming with VetVise. State-of-the-art technologies can improve animal welfare and efficiency. VetVise puts the focus back on the farm animal, because the animal is the best sensor.

Since 2020, the team continues to be complemented by Dr. Marco Möller (Business Development) – a serial founder of technology startups.  

Consulted and networked with us right from the start

We develop our ideas in close cooperation with a network of experts in science and industry. Direct advisors come from the “Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover” (TiHo) and connecting agri & food (“Kluger Stall”) from the Netherlands. In our projects, we continue to cooperate with many different industry partners.

"I have been an investor of VetVise since the beginning of 2021. As an educated and practicing farmer, animal welfare is essential and inseparable for me. With more animal welfare, the livestock's performance is provably higher. VetVise offers this great benefit to animals, farmers and society. Animal welfare becomes objective and verifiable through VetVise, so that meat can be enjoyed consciously."
Dr. Wilhelm Uffelmann
CEO Westfleisch SCE, former Senior Partner and Global Sector Lead Agribusiness, Food and Ingredients at Roland Berger