Our Solutions

We keep an eye on your animals 24/7

We develop Machine Learning (AI) supported early warning systems based on 2D camera data. With this, we create both a simplified and more efficient way for farmers to observe animals at any time, and an intelligent system that can assess animal behavior. This will provide the earliest possible indication of unusual behavior, disease, pain and other problems in the barn. Our goal is to enable such effects to be treated at the first moment of occurrence, thereby avoiding spread to other animals, widespread use of medication or costly measures.

We want to keep an eye on pigs and poultry during their whole life – including transport and slaughter. For more information and inquiries, please contact us!

PigBrother by VetVise

As an animal owner to always know the condition of my herd, to know where to do what, that is our vision behind PigBrother:

  • Alerts for feeding problems, tail biting, ventilation failure, and more.
  • Barn temperature management based on “feel-good” temperature of the animals
  • Detailed action instructions to improve animal health and feed utilization
  • 24/7 the view into the barn. If you wish also from the road.Highest security and data protection standards: Internet and cloud connection optional, and only as far as desired.

Animal Tracking

Automatically recognizing and tracking animals in hundreds of videos is something we can do without the cloud. This is the starting point of our behavioral analysis and assistance systems.

Poultry Tracking
Fattening Pig Tracking