Our Team

With our founding team, we bring together broad-based expertise and industry knowledge, trends in veterinary medicine and agriculture with high expertise, many years of experience in the field of machine learning development and data engineering with broad business know-how (from left to right)

Jakob Wendt our CTO – Background in Machine Learning & Datacenter Security
Norman Caspari Business Development & Administration
Johannes Schmidt-Mosig data-driven veterinarian from TiHo Hannover

Since 2020, the team is further complemented by Dr. Marco Möller (Business Development) – a serial entrepreneur of technology startups.

Consulting and networking from the beginning

We develop our ideas in close cooperation with a network of experts in science and business. Direct advisers come thereby from the “Foundation Veterinary University Hannover” (TiHo) and connecting agri & food (“intelligent barn”) from the Netherlands. In our projects we continue to cooperate with many different industry partners.